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Advanced European Network of E-infrastructures for Astronomy with the SKA
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AENEAS All-Hands Meeting



March 5-7, 2019
Manchester, UK

AENEAS will hold its 4th all-hands meeting in Manchester in March 2019. These meetings bring together project partners and anyone interested to discuss and shape the development of the European Science Data Center for the SKA.




The AENEAS is a 3 year initiative funded by the Horizon 2020 program to develop a science-driven, functional design for a distributed, federated European Science Data Centre (ESDC) for the Square Kilometre Array.

AENEAS brings together all of the European SKA member states, SKA Organisation, European and global e-infrastructure providers and a larger group of international partners including the SKA site host countries.

While developing the design of the ESDC, AENEAS will  leverage existing products, technologies, services, best practices and standards offered by European e-Infrastructures and integrated e-Infrastructures worldwide.

How SKA with AENEAS Impacts Science

The SKA will be a radio observatory of unparalleled sensitivity across a wide range of angular scales and radio wavelengths. Its scientific impact will spread from studies of star formation within our own Milky Way, to probing distant galaxies in the furthest reaches of the Universe.

It will unveil the hidden structures of cosmic magnetic fields stretching over vast distances, and examine the organic chemistry of Earth-like terrestrial planets. It will perhaps even detect signs of extra-terrestrial life as the SKA will be sensitive enough to detect signals, comparable to terrestrial television transmitters, from planets in nearby solar systems.

Learn more about specific areas of impact including the science archives, results and research, cost, visualization of data and industry.

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