Community Impact

The SKA European Science Data Center is a critical node in the science extraction chain for the SKA. the AENEAS recommendations for its design will have impact on multiple stakeholders including other planned large-scale observatories, astronomers around the world,  service providers and . ... More

Impact on Science & Technology

One of the main goals of AENEAS is to explore the core technologies necessary to provide researchers with a flexible and familiar analysis environment that can handle the extremes of SKA data and . To do so, AENEAS will exploit expertise from existing e-infrastructures such as GÉANT... More

Impact on Education & Training

The SKA will be the biggest and most visible project in astrophysics over the next 20 years. A distributed European SKA Science Data Centre will be the natural conduit for education and outreach for the SKA across Europe, to both professional and lay audiences... More

Impact on Industry

The SKA has been widely identified as one of the major “Big Data” challenges for the next decade. The technical challenges in computing, storage, networking, and analytics required to deploy a research infrastructure capable of supporting European SKA science are also... More