The SKA will be a radio observatory of unparalleled sensitivity across a wide range of angular scales and radio wavelengths. Its scientific impact will spread from studies of star formation within our own Milky Way, to probing distant galaxies in the furthest reaches of the Universe. More

SKA Observatory

The SKA is an ambitious project to construct the world’s largest radio telescope and enable transformational science and discoveries impossible with current facilities. Built over two sites in Australia and Africa, it will, when complete, provide over a million square... More

Regional Centres

The SKA Organisation (SKAO) is expected to adopt a tiered model for data and science support similar to that employed for other successful large infrastructures in particular CERN. Storage and computing resources associated with the operational SKA Observatory itself are expected... More

Work Plan

The AENEAS work programme is divided over 6 main work packages (WPs). The first WP deals with the oversight and management of the AENEAS project itself and its structure, along with those of the other WPs, is discussed in more detail in Section 3.2 below. More