Project Deliverables

Document AENEAS Website online (D1.1) 1-Apr-2017
Document Set of defined AENEAS Key Performance Indicators (D1.2) 1-Apr-2017
Document Data Management Plan (D1.3) 1-Jul-2017
Document Brochures and outreach (D1.4) 1-Oct-2017
Report Inventory of potential ESDC resources (D2.1) 14-Sept-2018
Report Best practice data transport and storage (D4.1) 1-Mar-2018
Report ESDC User Requirements (D2.2) 1-Jul-2018
Report Site Catalogue storage and networking (D4.2) 1-Jul-2018
Report Survey report (D5.1) 1-Jul-2018
Report Gap analysis (D5.2) 1-Jul-2018
Report Analysis of compute load, data transfer and data storage anticipated as required for SKA Key science (D3.1) 1-Oct-2018
Report Report on suggested solutions to address each of the key software areas associated with running a distributed ESDC (D3.2) 1-Jan-2019
Report Initial System Sizing for the ESDC (D3.3) 1-Jan-2019
Report Recommendations on the design of user interfaces for data discovery, access, and retrieval for the ESDC (D5.3) 1-Jan-2019
Report Recommendations on the design of user interfaces for data processing, re-processing, analysis and visualization for the ESDC (D5.4) 1-Jan-2019
Report AAI requirements and AAI architecture design (D6.1) 1-Jan-2019
Report A proposed framework for designing and implementing a Service Portfolio for the ESDC and SKA (D6.2) 1-Jan-2019
Report ESDN network architecture and costing (D4.3) 1-Apr-2019
Report Applicability of VO framework (D5.5) 1-May-2019
Report User interaction model resourcing (D5.6) 1-May-2019
Report Growing the ESDC community (D5.7) 1-May-2019
Report Global network architecture and costing (D4.4) 1-Sep-2019
Report ESDC Design Study (D2.3) 1-Oct-2019
Report Data Transport Tests and Recommendations (D4.5) 1-Nov-2019
Report Final integration of WP5 materials (D5.8) 1-Nov-2019
Report ESDC (preliminary) implementation plan (D2.4) 1-Jan-2020
Report Report on design & costing for ESDC (D3.4) 1-Jan-2020
Report Report on suggested solutions to interface requirements for a distributed ESDC (D3.5) 1-Jan-2020
Report Federated AAI pilot results (D6.3) 1-Jan-2020
Report SRC federated service management recommendations (D6.4) 1-Jan-2020


Project internal documents and reports